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Lake Granbury Boat Dock Services

When entertaining family and friends, you’ll want your boat dock in top shape and ready for launching your watercraft. Warped wood, broken boards, rusted metal, floatation issues, and other deterioration can be a safety hazard and an eyesore. 

Oasis Boat Docks will restore and repair any dock issues you may have, transforming it into a safe and usable dock for your watercraft on Lake Granbury and the surrounding Brazos River area. We are very versatile when it comes to repairing boat docks and are able to help keep your aluminum or wood dock in top condition all year long. 

Docks are constantly exposed to the harsh outdoor weather conditions 24/7 and can cause serious damage to your dock. The sun, wind, rain, and temperature can age and degrade materials. Oasis Boat Docks wants to be your one stop for all your dock project needs so we offer a wide variety of dock services.

  • Redecking your dock's surface
  • Refloating your dock 
  • Roof and structure repairs
  • Underwater bracing
  • Roof extensions
  • Slip and swim deck additions
  • Boat dock maintenance
  • Boat dock repairs

Rotten Wood
Wood rot is the most common issue with boat docks. Wood rot is usually caused by a fungus that grows in the water and attaches itself to the wood, causing it to degrade and disintegrate over time. Oasis Boat Docks can be of service by repairing decaying wood is usually a straightforward process. Individual boards can be replaced with new treated wood. Treated wood has undergone a preservation treatment that makes it easier for it to withstand the environment and fungal rot.

Framing & Foundation
Here at Oasis Boat Docks, we can repair the framing and foundation of your dock. The structural integrity is one of the most important parts of owning a stable and usable boat dock. If there is any noticeable damage to the frame, Oasis Boat Docks can help re-float and anchor your dock down properly to fix your framing and foundation.

Cracks & Warps
Due to constant pressure, the wood used for your dock may warp and crack over time. Collisions can potentially have a significant impact on your dock. To avoid this, Oasis Boat Docks would replace the wood to ensure the surface's lifespan. Depending on how the dock is positioned it can be an easy fix or we may need to replace the entire dock.

Roofing & Roof Panels
Boat dock roof panels are exposed to the elements over time. As a result, holes, water damage, cracks, leaks, and other issues can occur on dock roofs. Roof panels, too, can deteriorate over time if not properly maintained. Oasis Boat Docks will assist you and rebuild your dock roof as well as fix any gaps, restoring the structural integrity to your roof.

Rusted Platforms & Supports
Rust is unavoidable when it comes to a boat dock. It can be exceedingly damaging for your dock's platform if you have a lot of it. It can cause your structure to collapse and fall apart. Oasis Boat Docks will aid you with rust damage as well as ensuring that your boat dock stays intact. The earlier rust is recognized, the easier it is to handle and restore.

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