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Oasis Boat Docks is a full service dock repair and maintenance company based on Lake Granbury, Texas. Our superior quality craftsmanship is precisely what separates from other similar companies. We understand the importance of choosing the right dock company for your job; you need the professionals at Oasis Boat Docks who are experienced, trustworthy, dependable, and affordable. 

Our mission is not only to construct a sturdy, beautiful, and functional product for our clients, but to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships. Oasis Boat Docks provides complete dock service, new dock construction, repair service, dock moving and tear downs to the entire Lake Granbury area to include the surrounding residential Brazos River forks.

We also believe in only working with top quality materials in order to provide a truly exceptional final product – every single time. From on water regulations, filing forms for dock permits, to electricity, we will take care of you from start to finish; so you can start relaxing and enjoying the lake now! 

  • Dock Construction
  • Dock Repairs
  • Dock Additions
  • Swim / Diving Platforms
  • Composite Decking
  • Wood Decking
  • Dock Relocation
  • Boat & PWC Lifts
  • Ramp Extensions
  • Roof Raises
  • Dock Refoams
  • Dock Removal

Lake Granbury Boat Dock Repair

Boat Dock Maintenance and Repair

Even though many boat docks are meant to last for years sitting in a Texas lake, damage may still develop over time as a result of their ongoing exposure to water, the sun, and a wide range of temperatures.

However, severe damage does not always call for a new dock or a total reconstruction. Every aspect of a water dock repair can be handled by the staff at Oasis Boat Docks. We are well qualified to handle every aspect of the repair or renovation of your dock thanks to our expertise as professional dock builders and dock installers.

On top of minor tasks like painting, staining, and pressure washing, our staff is also capable of doing more significant tasks like remodeling a full dock, installing add-ons, and replacing an old roof.

From painting to rebuilding and adding on to your dock, Oasis Boat Docks can offer a wide range of professional boat dock services. Whether it's because of deterioration brought on by time or an accident, your dock will eventually need some repair. The workers at Oasis Boat Docks can assist with fixing, remodeling and installing additions to enhance both your docking experience and its physical condition.

Custom Boat Docks

Let Us Build Your Oasis on Lake Granbury

Oasis Boat Docks services clients in Granbury, Texas on Lake Granbury as well as the surrounding residential Brazos River area. Our expert boat dock builders are ready to help build, repair, customize, add-on and design your boat dock so you enjoy the view of the lake to the fullest. 

The waters on Lake Granbury are vast and inviting, and you'll always find something to do on the lake. If you want to enjoy the lake, then you need to be equipped with dock solutions from Oasis Boat Docks. We want you to love your new boat dock or lift. You can count on us to manage and oversee each boat house or boat dock project from start to finish.

At Oasis Boat Docks, we strive to make this boat dock your slice of paradise and getaway. We’re dedicated to finding and achieving your ‘oasis’. As a Lake Granbury property owner, you want to benefit as much as possible from having such an opportune and desirable location. A new boat house or boat dock can provide you with a unique and private spot to store your boat, a place to lay out and relax, and a platform to jump in and enjoy a refreshing dip in the water.

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