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Lake Granbury Boat Dock Repair and Construction

When it comes to the difficult job of full dock maintenance and repair, no one does it better than the experts here at Oasis Boat Docks in Granbury, Texas. It does not matter if your dock is made of wood, composite, or even concrete, we have seen it all and are ready to lend you a hand in keeping your dock well maintained all year round.

Oasis Boat Docks has been serving the Lake Granbury community, specializing in all phases of boat dock construction and repair for commercial and residential properties. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and meet Federal, State, and Maritime insurance requirements.

With time, even the sturdiest of docks will see damage and weathering. Oasis Boat Docks offer services aimed at getting docks back to their original state. Repairs and painting are all part of the job. If you prefer to prevent things from going out of hand, we also provide regular maintenance inspections to keep you ahead of potential issues.

The professionals at Oasis Boat Docks have dealt with boat dock repair situations like rotted docks, loose panels, or even cracks in docks. Many different kinds of boat dock issues can crop up when you are dealing with the unpredictability of weather, and wear and tear needs to be handled as soon as possible.

Lake Granbury Boat Dock Construction

Oasis Boat Docks also specializes in new construction for basic docks, custom docks, floating docks, boat docks, commercial docks and dock repairs. For better access to the water for swimming, fishing or boating, you should consider planning a commercial or residential dock construction project.

Not only are we able to help you keep things functional and safe, but we can also provide plenty of options when it comes to enhancing the look of your docks as well.

Dock ladders, dock cleats, line support, mooring whips, if there is any addition you are looking to fit for your dock, we have exactly what you need and the expertise to get it done.

You want your boat dock to look well maintained and inviting; not weathered and beaten down. Oasis Boat Docks knows exactly how a perfect dock looks and functions like and it’s our goal to help you achieve it.

Custom Boat Docks

Let Us Build Your Oasis on Lake Granbury

Oasis Boat Docks services clients in Granbury, Texas on Lake Granbury as well as the surrounding residential Brazos River area. Our expert boat dock builders are ready to help build, repair, customize, add-on and design your boat dock so you enjoy the view of the lake to the fullest. 

The waters on Lake Granbury are vast and inviting, and you'll always find something to do on the lake. If you want to enjoy the lake, then you need to be equipped with dock solutions from Oasis Boat Docks. We want you to love your new boat dock or lift. You can count on us to manage and oversee each boat house or boat dock project from start to finish.

At Oasis Boat Docks, we strive to make this boat dock your slice of paradise and getaway. We’re dedicated to finding and achieving your ‘oasis’. As a Lake Granbury property owner, you want to benefit as much as possible from having such an opportune and desirable location. A new boat house or boat dock can provide you with a unique and private spot to store your boat, a place to lay out and relax, and a platform to jump in and enjoy a refreshing dip in the water.

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