When do I need to repair my dock?

Preventative maintenance is extremely important in maintaining your boat dock and/or lift. If you notice any damages from weather conditions, warping, rust or dry rot, it is a good idea to repair them as soon as possible. Dock edges, railings and pilings are the first line of defense against boaters, sun, wind and waves. Over time, even treated wood will become degraded and begin to rot.

Keeping your dock in good shape now can help you avoid more costly repairs down the road. It can also prevent accidents caused by deteriorating and rotting wood. The most simple thing you can do to keep your dock in good condition is clean it at least once per year. We don’t just mean a quick sweep – you’ll need to clear out gaps, scrub away stains, and carefully inspect the dock for signs of wear and tear.

A well maintained boat dock made with pressure treated wood or composite can last for years to come. However, if you are looking to maximize your docks lifespan, it is important to repair your dock when necessary. Pay attention to signs that your dock needs professional service by watching out for the following:

  • Aging Hardware
  • Excessive Algae Growth
  • Loose Boards
  • Peeling Paint
  • Rotten Wood
  • Rusting Steel Components
  • Warps and Cracks

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